About Us

LeLa Designs is an inspired, divine dance between exquisite gemstones, pearls and fine metals uniquely collaborated by jewelry designer, Lea Flocchini, and her daughter, Emily Rose Lopez.


Lea’s extensive travels to exotic corners of the world shape her extraordinary life and certainly inspire her unique designs. Many of her gemstones, metals and materials come from India, a place that she frequents regularly for spiritual inspiration and rejuvenation. Lea’s work is elegant and delicate, yet empowers the wearer to express her own individuality.

LeLa is an artistic play on the ancient Sanskrit word Leela, which means The Divine Dance between Freedom and Order. With too much order, creativity is constrained. With too much freedom, nothing manifests. LeLa plays with freedom and order to create a beautiful collection of jewelry. “The ancient concept of LeLa is one I focus all the aspects of my life on. And, my name, Lea, just ‘happens’ to live inside the name, as a wonderful reminder.”

“Although I began this business as the sole designer and creator of the collection, I now have the wonderful assistance and creative energy of my daughter, Emily Rose Lopez. Initially Emily focused on assembling and finishing pieces, yet very quickly she was inspired to begin her own designing, which I welcome and appreciate. Her youthful eye and style lend the collection an ongoing fresh appearance, which appeals to all ages and lifestyles. When our creative forces unite, the Dance of LeLa begins.”

The LeLa Designs Collection of jewelry includes: Earrings, Convertible Wraps and Necklaces that are designed to wear every day, whether you are headed for the gym, the trail, the office or a night on the town. Each piece in the LeLa Collection is made to layer and enhance the other in a palette of gemstones, pearls and metals, for those times when you’re feeling more expressive and playful.

Whether you discover ‘the perfect’ piece amidst our ever-evolving jewelry or choose to have something personally designed for you, we invite you to explore and play amongst this wonderful collection that is divinely inspired and created just for YOU!

Emily Rose Lopez

I have a very simplistic style and was never really a ‘jewelry person’ until now. Having to decide on what jewelry to wear when getting ready for my day was a bit overwhelming to me.

I actually began stringing necklaces and bracelets as a way to pay back a loan I had with my mom. I never would have guessed what has unfolded for me since then and how much I love it. Pretty quickly I began doing my own designs. Once a piece was completed, I was in awe of its beauty. I have discovered much more than an appreciation for creating jewelry, but rather a passion for it. I love the opportunity that LeLa Designs allows me to work with beautiful gems, lustered pearls and everything in between, creating unique pieces that are both simple and stunningly beautiful.

Currently Showing

  • Panache – Sun Valley, Idaho  & Park City, Utah
  • Family Medicine and Wellness, Ketchum, Idaho
  • Richard Calcagno Studio, Hailey, Idaho
  • Wildflower, Ketchum, Idaho
  • Red Door, Hailey, Idaho

Other Offerings and Opportunities

In addition to the art festivals we attend each year, we also offer a dozen or so Jewerly Trunk Shows annually. We’d love to travel to YOU to offer a Trunk Show for you and your friends. Please contact us for availability and details. There are worthwhile perks when you host a LeLa Designs Trunk Show.

Other General Collection Info

When we return to our design studio after traveling to India or gem shows where we hand select our stones and metals, we’re freshly inspired. The energy of the gems themselves influences the direction of the piece. This is where LeLa shines. The creative forces are alive and beautiful designs literally flow. The necklaces we offer, made to wear on their own or worn layered, are designed with versatility in mind. Using precious and semi-precious stones and metals, our necklaces are available in a variety of styles and lengths.

While we love working with precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and aquamarine, we’ve come to appreciate the properties and simple elegance of other less known stones such as pyrite, (known as Fool’s Gold but with a density near to sapphires) and black spinel, as well as opal, apatite, lapis, tanzanite and labradorite.