Lea Flocchini Bio

LeLa Designs is an inspired, divine dance between exquisite gems and fine metals uniquely collaborated by jewelry designer, Lea Flocchini.

Lea’s extensive travels to exotic corners of the world have shaped her extraordinary life and certainly inspire her unique designs. Many of her gemstones and metals come from India, a place that she frequents regularly for spiritual rejuvenation. Lea’s work is delicate and feminine, yet empowers the wearer to express her own individuality.

LeLa (typically spelled Lila or Leela) honors the Sanskrit word meaning The Divine Dance between Freedom and Order. With too much order, creativity is constrained. With too much freedom, nothing manifests. LeLa plays with freedom and order to create a beautiful collection of jewelry. “The ancient concept is one I focus all the aspects of my life on. And, my name, Lea, just ‘happens’ to live inside the name as a wonderful reminder.”

“Although I began the business by designing and making all my own pieces, I now have the wonderful assistance of two very talented and creative forces. My daughter, Emily Rose Reed, initially helped out stringing pieces, especially the tiny gemstones and very quickly began designing, which I welcomed immediately, appreciating her youthful eye. Whitney James, who is like a daughter to me, adds her artistic touch whenever she has time from the demands of her academic endeavors. When our creativity forces unite, the Dance of LeLa begins.”

There are several different lines in the LeLa Collection that might entice you to layer when you’re feeling more expressive and playful. Whether you discover ‘the perfect’ piece amidst our current collection or choose to have something personally designed for you, we invite you to explore and play amongst this wonderful collection that has been divinely inspired and created!

Lea, Emily Rose & Whitney

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Emily Rose Reed Bio

I have a very simplistic style and was never really a ‘jewelry person’. Having to decide on what jewelry to wear when getting ready for my day was overwhelming to me. I started stringing necklaces and bracelets as a way to pay back a loan I had with my mom. I never would have guessed how much I loved it. Pretty quickly I began doing my own designs and when a piece was completed, I was in awe of its beauty. I have found, not just an appreciation for jewelry, but a passion for it. I love the opportunity that LeLa Designs allows me to work with beautiful gems, lustered pearls and everything in between, creating jewelry that is both unique and exquisite.

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Whitney James Bio

My passion for jewelry making began, as I learned how to intricately create micro macramé bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Over the years my artistic expression has transformed through many different medias, including fiber, weaving, fabrics and knitting, and is currently being expressed through the beautiful jewelry of Lela designs. In-between studying and attending classes to pursue a career in nursing, I enjoy the creativity and fun of jewelry making. I believe Lela’s pieces are expressions of the land and water and as stewards of them; we create representations to be worn and adorned.

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