By Land-And-Sea

We love versatility and flexibility, so we created the Convertible Wrap! A stunning strand of gems and/or pearls, sometimes with a centerpiece, that circles your wrist 3 - 5 times. When the mood strikes, wrap it around your neck one or two times, and VOILE, you’ve got a necklace. Two pieces of jewelry in one, the perfect travel piece. All wraps are 35” in length. Custom lengths are available.

By Land-And-Sea


This piece is stunning on its own or can be used as a chain to hang your favorite pendent. Alternating pyrite and pearl wrap is finished with a pave diamond clasp.

Ordering Details

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order.

Due to Covid-19, we thank you for your patience with us due to shipping delays that are entirely out of our (clean) hands.

As with all things in nature, please remember that while gems and pearls look alike, no two are exactly the same. Let’s celebrate that diversity!