LeLa EarWires

Once you own the foundational 18 karat gold LeLa EarWires, you will have fun collecting the assortment of hand wire-wrapped drops to adorn them with.

Once you own the foundational 18 karat gold LeLa EarWires, you can choose from an assortment of hand wire-wrapped drops for every occasion. The ear wires (solo) are ultra comfortable and look super zen while travelling...and the variety of drops are compact and easy to pack. 
We’re not so into matchy-matchy but we love to compliment and contrast your Lela Necklace and Wrap with a pair of unique LeLa Earrings. Try the modern lines of our Speardrops, Moderns or Simple Bars, in sterling silver or 14 karat gold; each set with pave diamonds that bling from quite a distance. Or, our Gem Drops in Pyrite, Black Spinel, Ruby, or Blue Sapphires.

Customized lengths and pieces can be made for you.

LeLa EarWires


Modern, elegant 18kt gold ear wires. These are fantastic worn simply as is, and are the foundation piece for an entire collection of gems, pearls and other drops. Super comfy and great for travel!

Ordering Details

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order.

Due to Covid-19, we thank you for your patience with us due to shipping delays that are entirely out of our (clean) hands.

As with all things in nature, please remember that while gems and pearls look alike, no two are exactly the same. Let’s celebrate that diversity!